Cataracts: Traditional Surgery

To treat cataracts require surgery. And I like to use, I told these patients all the time the analogy of an M&M. Because their natural lens are shaped about the same size as an M&M. So, you have this M&M sitting behind the patient’s pupil. So you use a small micro-blade to enter through the cornea to gain access to the M&M.

Take a sharp instrument, poke a hole in the candy shell which is the consistency of thick saran wrap. You tear an opening to expose the cloudy chocolate and then you come in with an ultrasound tip to the incision in the cornea, and you break up the chocolate in little pieces and backing it out and then you’re left with a clear shell. Behind it’s clear and when you remove the chocolate, you’re removing one third of the focusing power of the eye. So you have to replace it with the artificial lens implant which survives a life time.

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