Crystalens™ is an optimal lens implant choice for patients who desire good vision to see far away as well as close up.

Vision at an intermediate distance is also good. Objects at a distance are clear when the eye focuses on them. When the eye moves to a nearby object, the lens shifts focus making it possible to see clearly up close as well. Glasses are rarely needed to see at any distance. This lens implant is an excellent choice for patients who spend significant time viewing a computer screen. Crystalens behaves much like the natural eye and is categorized as an accommodating monofocal IOL. In clinical trials, 98.4% of patients implanted with Crystalens in both eyes could pass a driver’s test as well as read the newspaper without glasses. For more information, visit

ReZoom™ is categorized as a multifocal IOL.

This lens implant features highly specialized optical properties that can divide light to bring it into focus at more than one point at the same time. This allows the eye to see both near and far, usually without glasses. The ReZoom™ multifocal IOL has several zones of optical power designed to provide good vision at varying distances, under varying lighting conditions. Patients who choose ReZoom can expect to see objects from two to twenty feet away with little difficulty. Clinical data demonstrates that 92% of those who receive the Rezoom multifocal lens in both eyes reported wearing glasses “never” or “occasionally.” For more information, visit

ReSTOR™ is also categorized as a multifocal IOL.

This lens uses a patented diffractive optical design to divide light into two focal zones so that near and distance objects can both be seen without glasses. Its optimal viewing range is similar to ReZoom, but makes an excellent choice for patients who engage in a great deal of close up activity such as reading news print and small type, sewing, knitting and work that requires superior vision from one to two feet. In clinical research, 94% of patients with ReStor IOLs said they could drive and read the paper without contacts or glasses.

TECNIS® is categorized as a Wavefront IOL.

This lens is an excellent option for patients who wish to optimize their vision in low-light situations. This lens is particularly effective for individuals who struggle with driving at night. The Technis Lens is designed to enhance contrast sensitivity and is the only Wavefront IOL to receive approval from the FDA as a lens that improves night driving performance. In a simulated night-driving study, at 55 mph the TECNIS® Lens provided an additional 45 feet of identification distance, allowing for a 1/2 second of additional reaction time, when compared to a leading competitor.For more information, visit

Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implants

Traditional single focus IOL’s can only focus in one area in space: distance or near. Such IOL’s will improve the patient’s vision in all ranges of vision; however, the patient who has an IOL focused for distance activities will still need reading glasses. Likewise, the patient who has an IOL focused for reading vision will need glasses to see clearly for distance activities such as driving. Over the past decade, an increasing number of multifocal IOL’s have been developed and are available as part of the premium cataract surgery package. These IOL’s can reduce the dependence of glasses and contact lenses post-operatively for a variety of activities such as reading, computer work, watching television, and driving.

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