The goal of premium cataract surgery is not only to improve best corrected vision but also to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses at near, distance or both. A laser is used to assist with the surgery and many times a premium IOL is used to replace the lens focusing power.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery: (another figure) Instead of sharp instruments to enter the cornea and the cataract, a laser is used for these purposes. In some instances, the laser can be guided to reduce astigmatism in the cornea. The laser helps improve the precision of cataract surgery by making precise incisions and by guiding the surgeon in more exact positioning of the IOL within the eye.

Premium IOL’s: IOL technology has advanced tremendously, and at SEE, patients have the opportunity to take advantage of these advancements if desired. IOL’s are now available to help correct for large amounts of astigmatism and can focus for both near and far vision with less dependency on glasses and contact lenses for some or all activities.

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