Education at SEE

Since 1990, I’ve been involved in teaching residents at KU hospital and VA hospital and I do cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery. Much of this was on a volunteer basis. It’s our passion. We love it.

When you have residents who are observing surgery, you can’t fake anything. You got to really know what you’re doing. Just like when you’re give them a lecture, you have to know your stuff. We prepare, look at the latest trends in glaucoma and cataract surgery, the newest techniques. We love imparting that unto them and we feel that they respond favorably to that. We feel that this also translates into better patient care. Again, we have to know our stuff, we have to know what’s the latest and greatest and the patients benefit from that.

Also with our research, we have industry coming to us because of our patient population, because of our skill, to help them recruit patients for studies as they try to navigate through the FDA approval process. As a byproduct of the research, we present information and studies across the country. There I have a lot of colleagues around the country. We share ideas, we share little pearls, all these things that wouldn’t have the exposure without our dedication to research. Again, patients have access to things they can’t access probably anywhere else in the region. That helps patients.

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