Glaucoma Medical & Laser Treatments

If somebody’s diagnosed with glaucoma, many times they have no symptoms, so the last thing we want to do is create symptoms with our treatments. We typically start off with lower risk options such as laser surgery or medical therapy. Medical therapy involves the chronic use of daily medication to help lower the intraocular pressure. The advantages are that there’s fairly low risk, however, the downside is that it requires daily use and compliance with the medical therapy indefinitely.

Laser surgery for glaucoma has the downside of the surgery, although it is very low risk. In fact, not anymore risky than medical therapy, studies show. The other downside with laser surgery is it sometimes has to be repeated years down the road. However, the upside is it can reduce the need for chronic use of medication in patients with glaucoma. The other advantage of laser surgery is that it can be performed in an office type setting and doesn’t require any sedation, doesn’t require any restriction of activity postoperatively.

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