There are very few symptoms when the disease is in its earliest and most treatable stages. That’s why regular screening is so critical.

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness if left untreated. Though there is no cure yet for glaucoma, early detection and medication/surgery can halt further vision loss. Advanced technology makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma earlier than ever before.

XEN Gel Stent

This device is injected through a tiny corneal incision through the drainage angle with the outflow end of the collagen device delivered under the superficial tissues of the eye. An opening of the surface tissues, under which the eye fluid is deposited, is NOT required, which avoids some of the complications of traditional surgery and may induce less chance for scarring. Although this device was just FDA approved in 2016, Dr. Stiles was involved in the multicenter research study which helped bring this device to market over the past few years. Therefore, not any surgeon in the U.S. has more experience with the XEN device than the surgeons at SEE.

Future L.I.G.S.?

Others L.I.G.S. devices similar to the XEN Gel Stent in that the goal is to avoid the complications of achieving Intraocular pressure (IOP) that is potentially too low while still yielding the dramatic benefit of bypass surgery are under development. SEE is currently involved in a clinical research trial investigating one potential new L.I.G.S. device. The material used to make the implant device is the same material used in cardiac surgery due to its lack of attracting scar tissue cells. This device has NOT been FDA approved and is only available through an FDA research study. SEE is the only provider in the area involved in the study.

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