What is a Cataract?

Well, what is a cataract? Cataract is a natural clouding of the lens. The lens, it’s a intraocular which sits behind her pupil. Three things happen to our natural lens as we age. After age 20, the lens gets larger in size, becomes stiffer which is why at age 40 either arms aren’t long enough. So you need reading glasses or bifocals.

Also, sometime after age 40, particularly after age 50, it can get cataract is cloudy. It happens to everybody, you can’t get away from it. Patients who develop cataracts will start to notice, as it matures, more and more difficulty with distance vision, the street signs, small letters on the TV or scores. Particularly, night driving can be particularly difficult, because they also develop glare or halos around car lights and street lights. These are the things that patients notice when their vision becomes affected by cataract formation.

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